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Single Customer View

Importance of a single customer view

Single customer view

Today I signed up to a new credit card with my existing credit lender and guess what I received? A welcome email telling me ‘thanks for choosing their service’ for the first time! Clearly not using a single customer view are they? One of the benefits of a single customer view (SCV) is that it helps a business to link transactions to an individual person, allowing them to truly understand the value of a customer. It also allows for a greater CX as marketers can replace that ‘welcome email’ and acknowledge their repeat purchase.

Another example where an SCV wasn’t used was with my air miles account. For some bizarre  reason they set me up with two accounts which both have my email address as a username. Who knows how I’m supposed to access the right one! I now get duplicate marketing emails addressing both accounts which is not very engaging.

There are simple ways to start moving towards a SCV such as simply building a data matching process. The best SCVs will be able to track everything from your interactions by channel down to your previous purchases.

Don’t be that company that can only recognise a customer as a transaction number rather than a single customer.

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