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Voice Marketing

Could voice be the next big channel?

voice marketing

We’ve had billboards, post, emails and SMS – so what’s next? What if it could be voice marketing?

Radio ads were the original form of voice marketing but it can never be as targeted as we like. Could this all change with the introduction of ‘virtual agents’ such as Alexa? ComScore predicted that over 50% of searches will be via voice by 2020! I wonder how many products will be bought by voice in the future?

Personalised voice marketing

Products such as the Amazon Echo connects you and ‘Alexa’ to a range of products which you can purchase instantly. Amazon will select products based on your history and their own choice items, which have a high rating. But what if at this point the brands can compete to convince the user that their product is better than another brand, rather than Amazon deciding for you? “Buy me a TV”. ‘Alexa’ responds by saying the top 3 TVs are from LG, Sony and Samsung. At this point the brands can have a voice recorded message to explain what the benefits of their TV are with use of personalisation. “Our TV has a blue light filter that can help (Children name’s) get a better night sleep”.

Future of direct response marketing

Now if we take the idea of voice one step further things could get even more interesting. What if we could use multiple channels to sell a product? The Amazon Echo can be set to always listen so imagine if the consumer was watching TV, an ad for a Samsung TV comes on and before it ends, a CTA appears saying, “Buy today using Amazon Echo. Just say ‘I want this TV Alexa'”? This combination of TV advertising and Amazon’s voice recognition could be a powerful evolution of direct response marketing.